Statement from Governor Bush

June 2, 2020

Governor Bush provides an important message to the ExcelinEd community

Our cities and our communities are grieving over the agonies of racial violence and injustice, too long tolerated in a nation promising equality for all.

Today’s truth is that that promise remains unfilled for Americans of color, who have struggled for two centuries to be seen and heard as equals.

We see you, and we hear you. And we mourn with you.

Yet there is reason for hope, because America’s ideals of equality and justice beat strong in millions of hearts and will inspire us forward into action — in our homes, our businesses, our courtrooms, elected offices and, yes, our schools.

Young Americans deserve our strongest efforts to address inequality in education, where children of color often receive the least and are left unable to reach their God-given potential.

It is time to recommit to changing the systems that deny students of color a quality education and the fundamental opportunities to rise that every American deserves.

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